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Vacuum forming is the process of taking large sheets of plastic, heating the sheets to a temperature that makes them pliable, then using a vacuum to remove all of the air out from between the heated plastic sheets and a pre-made mold. Depending on the type of material used, vacuum forming can be performed rather quickly. While vacuum forming is a technology that has been surpassed by other methods of thermoforming, it still provides value for specific use cases.

Advantages of Vacuum Forming

The advantages of vacuum forming shine through for large products where detail or sharply defined edges are not necessary, such as car bumpers and dashboards, body panels for recreational vehiclesconstruction & farm equipment, and much more. Using a composite mold, the vacuum thermoforming process can prove to be cheaper to produce large plastic products. Another benefit it provides is the ability for rapid product development.

In the past few decades, there has been success from inventive minds in the industry who have found ways to use the process to produce high-quality, much-needed custom plastic products. Research and development in thermoforming have continued to keep vacuum forming on the cutting-edge of technology. The efforts of bright minds in the industry push the boundaries on the types of materials that can be used in vacuum forming or designing molds that allow for a more unvarying vacuum across the entire surface of the mold.

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Advanced Plastiform, Inc. offers breakthrough technologies and advanced custom plastic manufacturing machines. Quality, consistency, and on-time delivery comes from our dedicated commitment to clients.  It’s how we’ve separated ourselves from the competition and earned our top-rated reputation in the thermoforming industry.    Find out how we can design, engineer and deliver your vacuum formed custom plastic component to help your business succeed! Contact us today to request a quote.

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