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Injection Molding & Thermoforming

In addition to developing custom plastic parts with automotive customers, Advanced Plastiform, Inc., works closely with several large trucking suppliers on projects ranging from air duct assemblies to specialized parts containment cases. With widely changing requirements across its model offering, thermoforming provides affordability in the product design cycle.

API sets itself apart from the competition by offering a team of highly skilled engineers to help you from idea to your actual custom plastic part.

Looking for the Following Characteristics in your Next Thermoformer:

Then you’ll want to be sure to contact Advanced Plastiform, Inc today.  Located just outside of Raleigh in the heart of North Carolina, API designs and develops custom thermoformed and injection molded custom plastic parts for trucking companies and trucking supply companies all over the Southeast. We proudly serve seven states, including North CarolinaSouth CarolinaPennsylvaniaMarylandTennesseeGeorgia, and Virginia.

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