South Carolina Thermoforming and Injection Molding

Since 1988, Advanced Plastiform, Inc. has delivered efficient and durable custom plastics to businesses across South Carolina, proudly serving Greenville, Florence, Columbia, and Charleston.

Advanced Plastiform, Inc. partners with companies across South Carolina providing them with durable, custom-made plastics that are used across a wide variety of industries. As a leader in thermoforming and injection molding, our design, engineering, and manufacturing team all use the latest technology to get the best results. With a 250,000 square foot manufacturing facility, we are able to offer fast lead times and competitive pricing without sacrificing the quality and accuracy that our clients expect and deserve.

Injection Molding in South Carolina

For small plastic components, highly detailed pieces, or solid parts with varying thickness and depth, we use injection molding.This method of manufacturing begins by melting down plastic pellets into a liquid state and forcing the liquid into a mold using a high-pressure injection tool. Injection molding ensures that all the liquid plastic will reach even the smallest crevices and spaces in the mold, guaranteeing accuracy and uniformity to every part. After shaping and cooling, the piece is painted, silk-screened, or otherwise customized according to the order.

Injection molding in South Carolina does come with a high tooling cost as the mold must be double-sided and crafted from steel, aluminum, or a copper alloy. However, once the tool is created, it can be used for large quantity orders or pieces that are frequently re-ordered, leading to a very low price per unit.

South Carolina Heavy-Gauge Thermoforming

For large plastic parts or pieces that don’t require intricate shaping, we use heavy-gauge thermoforming in South Carolina. Our design team and engineers create a custom tool, and our manufacturing team uses a specified plastic material of your preference, heating it until it’s pliable, and shaping it around the custom tool.

Thermoforming is often a preferred method of manufacture because it offers a faster lead time, lower minimum quantity, and a lower cost of tooling. Because the pressure used in shaping the plastic is significantly lower than injection molding, we can design tools out of aluminum. At our 250,000 square foot manufacturing facility, we use three specific methods of thermoforming.

Vacuum Forming

Best used for large plastic sheets in which sharp angles and detailing isn’t needed, vacuum forming is a quick, inexpensive process. Once the plastic is heated and fitted around the tool, we use a powerful vacuum to suction out any air between the plastic sheet and the tool. This creates a tight fit and a precise shape.

Pressure Forming

Pressure forming is used for large plastics that require crisp angles and corners. It uses a similar vacuum forming technique, but while the vacuum removes the air between the plastic and tool, the exterior of the sheet is pushed more tightly against the mold using highly pressurized air. Pressure forming can be used as a lower cost alternative to injection molding for our South Carolina customers in some cases.

Twin Sheet Forming

For plastic tubing, chutes, dual-sided pieces, and plastic pieces with internal compartments, we use twin sheet forming. This method requires our team to carefully shape two pieces of plastic around the tool, then fuse them together to create one formed piece. Twin sheet forming requires utmost precision and care to guarantee that the pieces will fit together perfectly and maintain uniformity as each component is completed.

South Carolina Industries Using Thermoformed Plastics

We create the customized plastics used in a broad spectrum of industries across South Carolina and serve a wide variety of clients. Our customers know we utilize the most innovative techniques in injection molding and thermoforming to provide the best quality and durability at lower costs with quicker lead times.


Advanced Plastiform, Inc. has extensive experience in automotive part thermoforming and injection molding. From the large pieces used for dashboards and door consoles to the small knobs, dials, and internal components, we design and develop durable plastic pieces used in vehicles across the country.


Similarly to the automotive industry, the farm and construction manufacturers in South Carolina come to us for construction equipment part thermoforming. Our engineering and design team work with our clients to determine the materials and design to create plastic pieces that can withstand the usage that comes with heavy equipment operations.


For commercial transportation, including 18-wheelers, city buses, and shuttles, Advanced Plastiform, Inc designs and creates the air ducts, parts containment cases, and other plastics used in commercial vehicles. Because commercial vehicles are frequently updating due to regulation changes, our transportation part thermoforming is a cost-effective option.


In addition to car and truck part manufacturers, we also provide plastics for RV and ATV parts suppliers and manufacturers. Because RVs and ATVs are exposed to off-road conditions and more severe elements, we make sure that, as part of our recreational vehicle part thermoforming, our plastics are designed with durability in mind.


Using furniture part thermoforming, we provide structural pieces and parts used in high-quality furniture. From office furniture parts including chair arms and legs to desk drawers and table tops, our pieces blend form and functionality to help our clients create attractive, long-lasting furniture.

Materials Handling

To help improve your logistics process at your distribution centers and warehouses or during your shipping operations, we will provide you with the optimal trays, shelving, and transport chutes for your needs. Our materials handling thermoforming process allows us to customize your solutions to include self-lubricating materials, anti-static coatings, and more to improve your shipping and storing systems.

Shipping Trays

In addition to material handling, our shipping tray thermoforming helps you protect your products during storage and transportation. Whether you need large trays or pallets to move items with ease, we can help you with this aspect of your logistics operations.


Advanced Plastiform, Inc. partners with medical supply companies across South Carolina, designing and thermoforming medical supplies including packaging, equipment components, and trays. We adhere to the strict regulations regarding medical supplies and are able to provide the customizations that are necessary for quality control, including anti-static coatings and UV protection.


Commercial refrigeration thermoforming requires us to create plastic pieces that not only have to stand up to rigorous commercial use, they also have to withstand environmental pressures. For commercial refrigerators and freezers, we produce the shelving, liners, and drawers that hold up to moisture, extreme temperatures, and repeated use.


Telecommunication companies are tasked with designing and building networks and data centers that consist of upwards of tens of thousands of cables throughout a building. In order to maintain the networks and keep them neatly organized, South Carolina telecommunications companies contact us for telecommunication part thermoforming to make the plastic organization tools necessary to keep their systems orderly.

Water Filtration

Commercial buildings use air and water filtration systems to provide a cleaner, healthier environment, while water treatment facilities require massive filtration pieces to ensure water is sufficiently clean. Both types of filtration systems use large filter modules, sometimes measuring over 30 feet long. Filtration companies and water treatment facilities depend on us, knowing we have the capacity and capability needed in complex filtration system thermoforming.

Plastics and Materials in our South Carolina Thermoforming

Because the plastics we create are used in such a broad variety of uses, we offer several material options and customization choices for our South Carolina clients’ thermoforming and injection molding projects.


Acrylic is a naturally transparent material that is often used in place of glass due to its low cost and resistance to impacts. We frequently work with acrylic in thermoforming because it is highly customizable to tinting and coatings that reduce static and glare.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

ABS is often used to make storage containers, vehicle interiors, and even luggage. Its low melting temperature makes it easy to thermoform, while it can resist damage from corrosive substances and impacts. These benefits make ABS one of the most popular materials in thermoforming.

High Molecular Weight Polyethyene (HMWPE)

HMWPE is often used to make shipping trays, containers, and product packaging because it’s lightweight and impact resistance. However, its low coefficient of friction and self-lubricating features make it an especially popular option for electronics storage and shipping.

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)

HIPS is used for food packaging, product covers, and even in housing construction. It’s a strong plastic, though not as resistant to impacts as ABS, but is lightweight and versatile enough to use for both thermoforming and injection molding.

Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO)

Often used in outdoor materials like vehicle roofing and patio furniture, TPO is a blend of rubber and a reinforcing component that resists fading in the sun and damage caused by temperature shifts.

Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene is flexible with a very high melting point and low electrical conductivity. It’s often used for packaging in food and electronics, both components and storage.

Polycarbonate (PC)

Polycarbonate is a lightweight plastic that stands up to impacts well, but it is more easily scratched than other plastics. It’s often used in eyeglass lenses and shatterproof windows.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

PVC is one of the most commonly used plastics, used in everything from window frames and pipes to clear windshields. It’s durable, flexible, and is used in both thermoforming and injection molding.

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