What is Polypropylene?

PolypropyleneSimilar to polyethylene, polypropylene is often used in the many of the same applications as HMWPE.   Polypropylene also referred to as PP, is often used in food handling products due to a very high melting point of 320 degrees Fahrenheit. With very low water absorption, PP also does not deteriorate in the presence of mold, bacteria or other elements.

PP Is Used for Household Electronics, Storage and Food Cases, and Furniture

Polypropylene is often described as “rubber-like” and will handle significant damage before breaking. PP also has a very low level of electrical conductivity making it useful in electrical products. PP is commonly used in household electronics, storage, and food cases, as well as furniture.

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If you are looking for an American thermoformer offering custom plastic parts manufactured from PP – Polypropylene, contact Advanced Plastiform, Inc. The highly skilled engineers at API are available to help you from concept to delivery.  With on-site design, development and on-site inventory management, API is known is renowned for being a proven customer driven custom plastic manufacturer.

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