Thermoforming & Injection Molding

Automotive manufacturers rely heavily on heavy-gauge thermoforming and injection molding for many interior and exterior parts on today’s new automobiles. Some of the most recognizable automotive thermoformed parts in modern cars are the dashboard, interior doors, and center console.

Custom Thermoformed Dashboards Offer Style and Structure

Automotive thermoforming and injection molding is not limited to vehicle dashboards. API works closely with several automotive parts suppliers to design and develop automotive accessories.

Automotive Thermoforming & Injection Molding Is Also Used For:

  • Automotive ThermoformingGear Shift
  • Car and Truck Panels
  • Bedliners
  • Bumper Facias
  • Rocker Panels
  • Fenders
  • Side Steps
  • and much more


Your Automotive Thermoforming & Injection Molding Experts

If you are looking for a thermoforming and injection molding company located in the Southeastern part of the U.S.A with over a 95% on-time delivery rate and on-site inventory management, contact Advanced Plastiform, Inc of North Carolina today. You’ll be glad you did.  API’s team of experts will help you with your automotive thermoforming questions enabling you to have everything needed to make the best decision for your custom plastic vehicle part design and development. API is your answer for thermoforming and injection molding in North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia.

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