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Since 1988, Advanced Plastiform, Inc. has worked with businesses across Tennessee, proudly delivering custom plastic solutions to Nashville, Memphis, Jackson, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Kingsport.

Since 1988, Advanced Plastiform, Inc has worked with companies throughout Tennessee, providing customized plastics used across a multitude of industries. At our 250,000 square foot manufacturing center, our design, engineering, and production team utilize the latest methods plastic fabrication. From our 3D modeling and printing that allows us to quickly create highly accurate prototypes and tooling to our efficient manufacturing methods of thermoforming and injection molding, we are able to offer the highest quality of plastic components without sacrificing the quick lead times and low per-unit pricing our customers deserve.

Injection Molding Plastics for Tennessee Companies

For small, highly detailed plastic pieces, injection molding is often the best method for production. After designing and developing a custom mold and selecting the most suitable materials, we melt down plastic pellets until they are liquid, then forcing them into the custom-designed tool. With injection presses that range between 100 and 530 tons, we make sure the liquid plastic is pressed into every part of the mold, ensuring accuracy and consistency in every component.

Due to the high-pressure used in production, tools are made from heavy-duty aluminum, copper alloy, or steel. While Tennessee injection molding comes with a higher up-front cost and a longer lead time during the first run of manufacture due to the more involved tooling production, once the tool is created, it’s an efficient method of production for large quantities or frequently re-ordered components. Over time, injection molding provides a low cost per unit.

Heavy Duty Thermoforming Plastics

For much of the plastics we create, we use thermoforming for Tennessee businesses. Thermoforming allows us to produce the high-quality, custom plastics our customers need while providing a shorter lead time and lower up-front costs than injection molding. With more than 60,000 square feet of operating space devoted to thermoformed plastics, we have the flexibility to fulfill either large or small orders with ease. We specialize in three types of plastic thermoforming, and our design and engineering team will work with you to determine the ideal method of manufacturing to produce the best result at the lowest cost.

Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is the most basic method of molding plastics, where we heat plastic and fit it around a custom composite tool, then use a high-powered vacuum to remove any air between the plastic and the mold. The plastic is pulled tightly to the tool to ensure a precise shape.

Vacuum forming is best for large products that don’t require intricate detailing or sharp corners or edges. We often utilize this method for car dashboards, bath and shower trays, and equipment panels.

Pressure Forming

Pressure forming is a more advanced process that is used for higher levels of detail, better plastic distribution, and crisp lines without draft angles. The plastic is heated to pliability and is then forced against the mold using highly pressurized air at three times the pressure used in vacuum forming.

We often use this method to create medical supplies, scientific instruments, and vented equipment enclosures. Pressure forming is becoming more commonplace because it can be used as a less expensive option to injection molding for our Tennessee customers in some cases.

Twin Sheet Forming

Twin sheet forming is the most complicated system used to create custom plastics, requiring a high level of accuracy and care during production. We heat plastic sheets side-by-side and simultaneously, and then they are fused together to create a finished product. In order to guarantee the pieces fuse properly and are in perfect alignment, the process must be in perfect sync. This method is best to create hollow or double-walled plastics, such as bed liners, air ducts, and tubing.

Thermoforming Solutions Across Multiple Tennessee Industries

We create high-quality, custom plastics used in a wide variety of industries and work with a diverse array of clients throughout Tennessee. With our focus on innovation, efficiency, and quality in both injection molding and thermoforming, our customers know we provide the highly durable, made-to-order plastics at lower costs and quicker lead times.


Advanced Plastiform, Inc. partners with numerous companies in the automotive industry where vehicle manufacturers and third-party parts suppliers rely on us for automotive part thermoforming and injection molding. From dashboards and trunk tubs to small dials, knobs, and interior components, we work with our automotive customers to craft attractive, durable plastics used in cars and trucks across Tennessee and nationwide.


Like the car industry, manufacturers of construction and agricultural equipment and vehicles rely on API for construction equipment part thermoforming. Construction and farm equipment is made with durability and strength in mind in order to stand up to the heavy use expected in tractors, bulldozers, and other vehicles and equipment.


We manufacture air ducts, containment cases, and much more for commercial vehicles.  Commercial transportation, such as commercial buses and tractor-trailers, is subject to strict regulations that are frequently updated, so our customers rely on our transportation part thermoforming to fulfill low volume orders and keep up with changing needs.


Like personal and commercial vehicles, we also manufacture plastics used in recreation vehicles, like ATVs and four-wheelers. Like construction equipment, we commit to recreational vehicle part thermoforming with a focus on rugged reliability, whether we’re designing seats, handlebars, or even snowplow attachments.


Tennessee furniture companies rely on us for furniture part thermoforming that blends form and function to create a durable, attractive piece for their office and residential furniture. Whether we’re creating glossy, stylish tabletops or functional chair arms and legs, each piece is solidly built to withstand regular use.

Material Handling

API works with Tennessee companies to help lower their operating costs while improving their productivity by providing heavy-duty durable plastics often used in warehouses and distribution centers. Our material handling thermoforming process allows us to customize your solutions to include self-lubricating materials, anti-static coatings, and more to improve your shipping and storing systems and protect your products.

Shipping Trays

For improved logistics operations that keep your products safe during shipping and storage, our shipping tray thermoforming is used for trays of all sizes and pallets to move items through warehouses and deliveries. Like our material handling products, we customize shipping trays with the customizations necessary to protect any type of goods.


We serve medical suppliers in Tennessee, working with them to create specialized packaging, equipment components, trays, and so much more. Our clients rely on us to abide by strict regulations when thermoforming medical supplies in addition to providing the necessary customizations to guarantee safety and quality.


For refrigerator and freezer units used in grocery stores and walk-in coolers in restaurants, we use commercial refrigeration thermoforming to make liners, shelves, and drawers. These plastics are created to withstand both heavy commercial use and extremes in both temperature and moisture levels.


Tennessee telecommunications companies partner with us for telecommunication part thermoforming. Because data centers and communication networks rely on thousands of cables and wires, we produce plastic components used to keep those cables neat and orderly to make updates, repairs, and maintenance easy and efficient.

Water Filtration

Whether it’s an air or water filtration system for a commercial building or a massive filter module used in a water treatment facility, we have the capacity to create custom plastic pieces using filtration system thermoforming.

Plastics and Materials in our Tennessee Thermoforming

Because we create such a wide variety of plastic materials for a multitude of Tennessee clients and industries, we offer multiple types of plastics to use in our manufacturing process, taking care to select the best material for the task.


Acrylic is a naturally transparent thermoplastic that offers a high resistance to impact, making this a great alternative to glass. Both pliable and durable, we can customize this in endless ways including scratch resistance, UV light filtering, and adding heat resistant properties.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

ABS is both impact and chemical resistant and has a low melting temperature making it a popular thermoplastic to be used in thermoforming. Often used for car interiors, luggage, bathtubs, and more, this safe, sturdy plastic is easy to tailor to our customers’ needs.

High Molecular Weight Polyethyene (HMWPE)

HMWPE is a non-toxic plastic that is resistant to corrosion and impact and offers low coefficient of friction and self-lubricating properties. With these features, HMWPE is a popular choice for packaging, plastic shipping trays, and vehicle components. It’s also used in safe to use in food preparation materials.

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)

HIPS is versatile and economical for both thermoforming and injection molding. While it doesn’t have the impact resistance of ABS, it is a non-toxic plastic that is easy to customize, paint, and add printing. Toys, appliance components, and even food packaging are made with HIPS.

Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO)

Made of rubber and reinforcing filler, TPO is weather resistant and highly durable. While it’s not used as often as HMWPE, it is ideal for outdoor products, such as all-terrain vehicles, golf carts, and even outdoor furniture.

Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene is a rubber-like thermoplastic that offers a high melting point, flexibility, minimal water absorption, and low electrical conductivity. This makes it a commonly used plastic for household electronics, food preparation, and commercial refrigeration.

Polycarbonate (PC)

Polycarbonate is a lightweight plastic that stands up to impacts well, but it is more easily scratched than other plastics. It’s often used in eyeglass lenses and shatterproof windows.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

PVC is durable, flexible and used as an alternative to metal, glass, and even wood. It can be a transparent plastic, making it a good material for windows and windshields, while its durability makes it a great option for pipes and construction components.

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Since 1988, Advanced Plastiform, Inc. has worked with businesses across Tennessee, proudly serving Nashville, Memphis, Jackson, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Kingsport. If you are seeking a company who ensures accuracy, quality, and durability in custom thermoformed plastics, contact us today.

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