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Thermoforming uses the latest technology in plastic molding to construct a wide range of tools, parts, and appliances. The scope and versatility of the thermoforming process continue to increase as the applications in which it is used grows each year. There are many facets to heavy gauge thermoforming, giving it a lot of flexibility in what it is able to accomplish.

With equipment, tools, and car parts now putting emphasis on aesthetically pleasing designs and sleek exteriors, thermoforming lends itself as a must-have a system when faced with these tasks.

Vacuum Forming

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One of the more simplistic methods of plastic forming, it lends itself in the molding of transparent materials such as acrylic. This plastic material is used in aerospace construction and military fixed-wing aircraft.

Vacuum formed materials are a great replacement for more complex sheet material, such as fiberglass. Some of the applications it can be used for include medical imaging material, MRI machines, engine covers, and various other car components.

Vacuum forming allows for a variety of patterns to be made. Wood patterns are a commonly used material when vacuum forming because of their recyclable nature. Using recyclable material is the most viable method when vacuum forming.

Thermoplastics are the most suitable material when it comes to vacuum forming. For instance, high impact polystyrene (HIPS) is compatible with this process. The plastic sheet can be molded around wood, machined aluminum, and structural foam to make a long list of shapes and products.

Twin-Sheet Thermoforming

Georgia Twin Sheet Forming Company

Twin-sheet forming is one of the largest advances in the thermoforming process, allowing for hollow and complex structures to be formed. This process allowsyou to control both sides of the product being made until they have successfully merged.

Twin forming gives more fluidity to what can be molded and the shapes that can be constructed. It also gives allowance for creating structurally rigid and durable parts that are vacant in the middle. This hollow center gives way for structural materials, or "ribs" to be built into the product which adds features and interior durability.

Twin forming is ideal when constructing two sides of a product that requires a high level of control. It is the best way of gaining optimal efficiency in molding and merging different sides of a whole.

The types of thermoformed products that are constructed using twin-sheet forming include foam-filled products, equipment with dual colors and multiple textures, air ducts, and products with varying levels of thickness.

Pressure Forming Plastics

When forming plastic material into fine-tuned and detailed shapes, pressure forming gets the job done. The characteristics closely associated with this process are crisp detail, formed in texture, custom color, and tight tolerance. The aesthetics of pressure formed products rival other forms of thermoforming. Pressure forming is able to construct thermoformed parts in a wide variety of colors and textures. This allows pressure forming to be great for creating recreational and medical equipment.

Injection Molding

georgia injection molding company

The injection molding process has its setbacks but only when misused. When handled correctly and used for the right projects, it can be just as effective as other parts of thermoforming. Projects that have many unit requirements tend to side with injection molding due to the low per unit molded part cost. The high tooling cost of this method is then negated or diminished significantly due to the savings made by the inexpensive units. They also excel in creating the more difficult and advanced parts within thermoforming.

Injection molds are introduced to high pressure. The benefit of this is that the plastic sheet hugs tighter around the mold. This allows for fine and intricate details to be added into the design.

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