What is TPO?

Thermoformed Tractor FenderNot as commonly used as HMWPE or PP,  Thermoplastic Olefin is a blend of these two materials, rubber and reinforcing filler. Depending upon the filler used, TPO’s extruded characteristics can be modified to enhance strength, scratch resistance, impact resistance and weight.

Roofings for ATVs, Automobiles, Golf Carts, and Other Vehicles

TPO is often used in outdoor products such as roofings on all-terrain vehicles, automobiles, golf carts and other vehicles because it does not degrade under solar UV radiation. Thermoplastic Olefin is custom thermoformed plastic widely used in the automotive industry.

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Searching for an American company offering Thermoplastic Olefin manufactured custom components?  You’ve discovered the right resource.   Known for providing quality TPO plastic parts, API is able to help you from product concept to delivery.  With on-site design, development and inventory management,  contact Advanced Plastiform, Inc today.  It’s is your best option for custom TPO plastic parts.

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