As leaders in the thermoforming and injection molding industry, Advanced Plastiform, Inc. always ensures that we use the best materials possible and the right materials for your project. One versatile material we often use for our clients’ projects is high molecular weight polyethylene, also known as HMWPE or PE500.

What is HMWPE?

HMWPE is a form of polyethylene, the most commonly used plastic material in the world and is also the most commonly used plastic in heavy gauge thermoforming. Non-toxic, polyethylene is also highly resistant to corrosive chemicals, offers a very low coefficient of friction, has very low moisture absorption, is self-lubricating, impact resistant and is highly abrasion resistant. Available in both virgin and recycled material grades, polyethylene can be extruded in a variety of colors and finishes.

Extruded polyethylene creates the plastic sheets that are used to create thermoformed products. The higher the molecular weight of the polymer, the tougher and higher impact strength the resulting thermoplastic is and is able to provide a consistently high-quality final product.

What Kinds of Products Can Use HMWPE?

Due to its toughness and impact strength, HMWPE is an excellent material for parts and products that will face lots of wear and abrasion. That’s why HMWPE is used every day in the returnable packaging industry as plastic shipping trays and containers. In addition, fenders, golf cart tops, vehicle dash panels, bumpers, boxes, deflectors, and storage totes make for excellent applications of HMWPE.  Due to it being slightly softer than its sibling ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), HMWPE can be used in food preparation materials as well.

HMWPE Custom Plastic Materials from API

If you are searching for an American company offering HMWPE for your custom plastic part, contact Advanced Plastiform, Inc. Located in North Carolina, Advanced Plastiform, Inc., is proven leader in thermoformed and injection molded custom plastic parts. We take pride in providing quality products thermoformed from Offering on-site design, product development, and inventory management, API is renowned for quality, cost-effective plastic manufacturing solutions.

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