To create the best custom plastic products, you need to use the best thermoplastic materials, which is why Advanced Plastiform, Inc. uses top quality polymers such as polycarbonate. Also known as PC, polycarbonate is an adaptable thermoplastic that’s durable and pliable, making it an ideal choice of material for thermoforming.

What is Polycarbonate (PC)?

Known by the trademarked names Lexan, Makrolon, Makroclear, arcoPlus®, and others, polycarbonate is a widely used material in plastics manufacturing. Highly impact resistant, polycarbonates have a low scratch resistance but can be molded, extruded, thermoformed, and are easily worked.

Polycarbonate Structure

Injection Molding Company - PolycarbonatePolycarbonates are polymer groups that also contain carbonate groups within their chemical structures. Their structure also allows them to sometimes be transparent and naturally transmit light with precision to that of glass.

The stiff structure of this plastic comes from its two components, methyl groups, and phenyl groups. These groups act as a linear chain that is tightly bound together and add to the polycarbonate’s thermal resistance.

PC can be injection molded, blow molded, and extruded by our plastic engineers — it all depends on the final application of the product. This material has great electrical insulation properties, making it useful in hardware, safety helmets, computer parts, and vandal-proof windows.

What Products Can Use Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is a durable plastic offering excellent impact and shatter resistance but has low scratch resistance. It’s pliable but will withstand extreme temperatures for longer periods of time. It can be used as a glass-substitute as it’s transparent to light and can actually transmit light better than most kinds of glass.

Due to its light transmission properties but low scratch-resistance, polycarbonate is often used to apply a hard coating to eyeglass lenses. Additionally, it’s lightweight and can be used in a variety of different applications, though it is not resistant to UV light.

Polycarbonate is used in a wide variety of products across many different industries and applications, including but not limited to:

  • Electronic components like capacitors and telecom hardware
  • Construction materials such as corrugated sheets and sound walls
  • Data storage devices such as CDs and DVDs
  • Automotive, aircraft and rail parts as PC can produce very smooth surfaces
  • Bulletproof glass
  • Drinking bottles and food containers
  • Eye protection like construction grade eyewear
  • Outdoor advertisement display glass
  • Electronic screen displays such as TVs
  • Smartphone manufacturer

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