Custom Platic Engineering for Quality Assurance and Product Development

Solutions for Product Design & Development

One of our strengths is the assistance we provide to each customer during the Product Development cycle. Our engineering staff, through years of experience, are experts in designed cost-effective solutions for customers. Regularly attending continuous education programs, API’s engineering department remains at the forefront of cutting-edge processes, design styles, materials and tool design.

We often hear that Product Development is a slow process that tends to make projects fall behind schedule. At API, our engineers are ready and willing to make decisions on your schedule. We work to the pace your deadlines require. We consider on-time delivery to mean more than just shipping a product on time.

What Goes into Plastic Engineering?

Plastic engineers are artists just as much as they are engineers. They are molding and forming the mundane into a variety of useful properties to be used by consumers. Thermoforming is the process of stretching a rubber sheet with pressure and heat. The molecular substance of the plastic dictates the temperature needed for its exterior to stretch and bend. Without the right temperature, the plastic will not morph into the shape you want. Without the right engineer, the plastic could be ruined or not molded into the desired product.

Plastic engineers are the umbrella that shadow over the designing, processing, and developmental stages of the thermoforming operation. They have a hand in almost every step within this process. To produce the best possible quality, their experience and wisdom are crucial. There are many properties of plastic to keep in mind when thermoforming, requiring someone skilled in their filled of study. Thermal properties, weatherability, and chemical resistance are all things to consider when engineering plastic. Our plastic engineers are able to handle this while keeping costs low and quality high. They have researched how new plastics are used to keep up with an ever-growing demand. Their knowledge helps them determine the physical properties when dealing with plastic. They are also constantly working on new ways to improve on existing products, making them more durable and efficient.

Custom Plastics Engineering

Our engineers often drive the creative processes we develop in our thermoforming operations to produce higher quality and more complex parts. Working with our production staff, engineering creates accurate, detailed production tooling that produces superior cosmetics within your budget. In some cases, high volume projects require final production tooling that maximizes production efficiency and speed. Engineering will work closely with production on these projects to ensure consistent quality and repeatability while maximizing unit production rates.

Our President is also our Chief Engineer, and his experience, practical knowledge, and creativity drive our engineering group to embrace change, seek innovative processes and produce superior designs.   Contact Advanced Plastiform, Inc of Zebulon, N.C.  today to begin your specifically engineered custom plastic solution.

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