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Advanced Plastiforms, Inc. is proud of the role we play in providing cleaner air and water in offices and commercial locations as well as helping to ensure clean, healthy water for homes and businesses across the eastern United States. By using cutting-edge plastic thermoforming and CNC trimming, we shape the large grid systems and filter modules necessary to remove particles, chemicals, and irritants from air and water.

Our Advanced Thermoforming Techniques

When large sheets of durable plastic are needed for air and water filtration systems, we use thermoforming to create them. We are able to work with sheets of plastic that surpass eight feet long by nine feet wide without sacrificing detail or quality.

Thermoforming involves heating large sheets of plastic until it’s pliable, forming it around a tool, and pressing it into a precise shape. Once the plastic is fitted to the tool, we use one of three forming methods to ensure the most accurate shape and design.

  • Vacuum forming: A vacuum removes all the air between the plastic and the tool, ensuring a tight fit that creates deep impressions and smooth curves and bends where necessary. This method is faster and more cost-effective than other forming methods and works best on large sheets of plastic that don’t require sharp corners and high levels of detail.
  • Pressure forming: Blending high pressured air to press the plastic against the tool with vacuum pressure to remove any interior air, pressure forming creates clearly defined edges, sharp angles, and crisp, clean lines.
  • Twin-sheet forming: The most complex of the three methods due to the need for perfect alignment and precision, twin-sheet forming allows hot air to be trapped within the two sheets and create hollow products with separate components and molded attachments.

Our CNC Trimming Techniques

Because commercial water and air filtration systems are large and require precise detailing, we use CNC robotic trimming equipment to ensure we meet the exact specifications. Once the plastic pieces have been shaped and thermoformed, they are clamped to the router fixture that was cast from the mold used to thermoform the plastic. During this process, our experienced CNC engineers oversee the process to implement any adjustments as needed to prevent delay and provide the quality control needed for a finished product.

Commercial Air and Water Filtration Systems

Advanced Plastiforms, Inc. specializes in creating the large, complex filter grid systems needed in custom air and water filters. Most often installed in large commercial spaces and office buildings, these filter systems are specially designed to remove irritants such as dust, allergens, and pollutants from the air.

Thermoformed Plastics for Water Treatment Facilities

The water treatment industry relies on filter modules that often measure well over 30 feet long. These plastic modules must be incredibly precise and accurate in how they are shaped and cut in order to ensure the health and safety of the water that passes through their systems.

Advanced Plastiforms, Inc. works with water treatment facilities to customize the massive filter modules while creating a modular system that is easy to ship and install. This saves the treatment facility manufactures time and money when updating existing filtration or creating new systems.

Custom Thermoformed Plastics

If you are seeking high-quality, durable plastics to create a water or air filtration system, reach out to Advanced Plastiform, Inc. Our experienced team of designers, engineers, and manufacturers are available to help you create customize filtration grid systems to meet your exact needs. We proudly serve seven states, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia.

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