High Impact Polystyrene

What is HIPS?

Lightweight and inexpensive, HIPS is another easy to fabricate thermoplastic often used in thermoformed parts manufactured for food packaging, FDA compliance, housings and covers. HIPS does not have the high impact resistance of ABS- Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene but is still a very reliable plastic material. It offers excellent dimensional stability and is easy to paint and glue.

Easy to Mold, Versatile & Impact Resistant

High Impact Polystyrene is known for being very impact resistant and versatile. It’s stability allows it to be used for prototypes and pre-production, and it’s superior dimensional stability makes it easy to fabricate.

A general property of High Impact Polystyrene is the fact that it can be painted. It’s because of these properties that you will see HIPS used in various consumer products. These products include toys, trailers, bicycles, television equipment, and other numerous appliances.

High Impact Polystyrene is also prevalent within the automotive industry. Commonly, it will be used for gasoline tanks and instrument panels. This is where its resilience becomes an important factor. When a material is used for car parts being able to maintain its strength in high impact situations is a must.

Despite being strong against impacts, HIPS is also fairly easy to mold into the form that you want. This again makes it great for consumer products but also office products as well such as computer material.

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