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Custom Plastic Protective Packaging

Thermoforming for Shipping

When you need to ship and store products, and you want to ensure they’ll be safe, Advanced Plastiform, Inc. has worked with companies across the southeast designing shipping trays and pallets designed to effectively protect all types of products. Using innovative techniques in vacuum forming and pressure forming plastics, we offer rapid lead times and low rates while ensuring the highest level of accuracy of design, quality, and durability needed in plastic shipping materials.

High-Quality Materials to Meet Your Exact Needs

At API, we work with a wide variety of materials to ensure you get the exact trays and pallets you need.  We manufacture our custom plastics using ABS, acrylic, high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE), and polycarbonate, just to name a few.  Our engineers will work with you to choose the right material to use, whether you need heavy-duty, textured plastic for large automotive equipment, or you need non-conductive materials to protect new electronics from static electricity.

Advanced Thermoforming

We have 60,000 square feet dedicated solely to thermoforming plastics, so our systems can large sheets of plastic while ensuring total accuracy of design. With 110,000 square feet for tooling storage and assembly area, we are well equipped to provide rapid lead times from design to delivery of your products.

We employ three types of thermoforming at API:

  • Vacuum forming: Also known as heavy-gauge thermoforming, this is the fastest and least expensive method. The plastic is heated to flexibility, then pressed over a custom-designed tool. A vacuum is inserted to remove all the air between the plastic and the tool to form the plastic against the mold.
  • Pressure forming: This method is similar to the vacuum forming, but pressure forming plastics adds a blast of high-pressure air on the outside, pressing it deeper into the tool. This is the preferred method for creating sharp angles and more intricate details.
  • Twin-sheet forming: Twin-sheet forming requires two pieces of plastic be heated and formed around a tool at the same time, and with perfect precision. The two sheets are then lined up and fused together. This method is used when hollow tubes, chutes, and cylinders are needed.

Why Thermoforming For Your Shipping Trays and Pallets?

Thermoforming plastics offers two major benefits to other methods of plastic manufacturing: it saves time and it saves money, and best of all, you don’t sacrifice quality. Our engineers work with you to create a 3D model of the tool we’ll use to ensure it’s the exact proportion and shape that you need for your shipping trays and pallets.

Once you’re satisfied, we begin casting the tool from cost-effective, top-quality aluminum. This keeps the tooling costs low, reducing the price of the project. From there, we can begin thermoforming, and with our state of the art materials, we work with sheets up to eight feet by nine feet in size.

Thermoforming is the perfect solution if you have a minimal requirement of product. Because the tooling cost is so low, we can fill orders that are far less than the standard “truckload,” so if your products update and change size or shape, you can update the protective packaging needed without worry.

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If you are seeking high-quality, durable plastics for shipping trays, pallets, and other packaging materials, reach out to Advanced Plastiform, Inc. Our experienced team of designers, engineers, and manufacturers will work with you to determine the right materials and design you need. We proudly serve seven states, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia.

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