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Tennessee heavy gauge thermoforming

Heavy gauge thermoforming services for your Tennessee business are just a call away with Advanced Plastiform, Inc. We are a recognized leader in the thermoforming industry – this is due to our commitment to excellence and innovation. We heavily invest in state-of-the-art digital forming machines with high-speed capabilities and develop our own cutting-edge processes to better serve our customers’ needs. These both lead to improved quality of production and final product while simultaneously reducing project lead times.

We custom-build our machines to exact specifications and design them to offer top quality parts, whether they’re pressure-formed, vacuum-formed, or twin-sheet formed. Utilizing high-speed rotary thermoforming equipment and processes, our revolutionary bar-code system, and shuttle operating our equipment allows us to minimize our order lead times while maintaining maximum flexibility in any project.

Thermoforming Systems

Each piece of heavy gauge thermoforming equipment we use is able to handle materials with thickness up to .450” and up to 8-feet x 9-feet. Our control system is integrated across our equipment, so each forming machine is easily operated by our personnel with little-to-no cross training, allowing our operators to use their mastery with materials and processes without constantly learning new machines.

Our more than 200,000 square feet of operating space allows us the flexibility to shift from small order to large orders and from giant products to tiny ones, all done to precision and kept on schedule thanks to our exacting inventory system.

Vacuum forming, or as our industry calls it heavy gauge thermoforming, is Advanced Plastiform’s core manufacturing process. Thermoplastic sheets are heated to a specific temperature and extruded to a precise shape through applying a vacuum or pressure to form the sheet to a mold. Thermoforming can use many different kinds of materials for their mold, but API uses aluminum almost exclusively for molds in our regular production, as it is superior to all other materials.

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Tennessee Thermoforming

When you need a heavy gauge thermoforming company that services all of  Tennessee, look no further than Advanced Plastiform. Serving Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Clarksville, and more, Advanced Plastiform offers full-service project management on your product, from concept to delivery. With its central proximity to the Southeastern US, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, our North Carolina facilities are uniquely positioned to best serve your Tennessee company needs.

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