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Thermoforming MachingThe process of heating plastic sheet material and constructing it into different shapes and molds is known as thermoforming. There are many different methods to the thermoforming process and each one has its own unique strengths and applications.

Due to the various uses that thermoformed products have, there are a variety of details to take into consideration when deciding which thermoforming process best fits the intended product’s needs. These details include impact resistance, temperature, UV resistance, color, and design. At Advanced Plastiform, Inc., the one thing all of these different methods have in common is the professional engineers that see each process from start to finish.

Injection Molding

Injection molding is the process where plastic materials are introduced to high pressure. This thermoforming process heats thermoplastic pellets into a liquid state and injects the liquid material into a high-pressure mold. The parts are ejected from the molds after they go through a cooling process and can be painted or silkscreened.

Injection molding offers very low per unit part costs, meaning that for high volume projects it can easily offset the high costs upfront for a very low-cost project overall. Also, it allows for customization of product materials and properties.

Vacuum Forming in North Carolina

Vacuum forming is one of the simpler methods of thermoforming. This thermoforming process allows for large plastic sheets to be heated to a temperature that makes them pliable and durable. This process makes it much easier to mold larger plastic materials and also provides quick product development.

Vacuum forming is the best thermoforming process for materials like acrylic. The transparent materials used in vacuuming forming have the ability to replace materials such as fiberglass.
Vacuuming forming is also an ideal process for recyclable materials and creating a variety of patterns.

Twin Sheet Thermoforming

Twin sheet thermoforming the best method to use when constructing a product with two opposite sides instead of just one thermoformed side. This method molds two sides of a product together during the thermoforming process. This allows for more intricate plastic products to be constructed.

Twin sheet forming is one of the newer thermoforming methods. This process is used on products that have a variety of colors and textures, different levels of thickness, and are foam-filled.

Pressure Forming for North Carolina Companies

The process of molding plastic sheet material into intricate shapes is known as pressure forming. This thermoforming process allows for custom colors, smooth textures, and tight detail. Pressure formed products exceed most other thermoforming methods in terms of aesthetic detail. Pressure forming is the preferred method when creating recreational and medical equipment.

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If you’re searching for a thermoforming company servicing the entire state of North Carolina including Raleigh, Charlotte, Asheville, Greensboro, Wilmington, Durham, and Cary, contact the leaders in custom thermoformed plastic, Advanced Plastiform, Inc. API offers customers the expertise of staff engineers, on-site manufacturing, and inventory management. From concept to delivery, API is your solution for heavy-gauge custom plastic manufacturing.

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