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Custom Plastics

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Manufacturers often require custom thermoformed and injection molded plastic parts for finished deliverables. Advanced Plastiform, Inc of North Carolina offers custom plastics innovation with cutting edge technology and managed inventory.

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API is ready to help manufacture your custom plastic part from the following materials:

There are a variety of different materials used to manufacture custom plastic parts. Each material offers a range of different properties making some materials a better solution depending on the custom plastic part.


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene


High Molecular Weight Polyethylene


Thermoplastic Olefin




Transparent Thermoplastic


High Impact Polystyrene




Polyvinyl Chloride

You Expect It, We Deliver

We Expect More and Strive to Achieve these Goals

On-time delivery
We measure our success by the satisfaction of our customers. Each morning we hold an in-depth meeting that is driven by your needs, not our manufacturing needs.
Quality PPM
During the meeting, we compare our current production schedule to your required shipping schedules, and adjust production to match.
Repeat order rate
Repeat orders and continued success are valued highly at API. We strive to help you reach your goals, so that we can meet ours.

We're Hiring!

API is a customer-driven company. We measure our success by our customer’s satisfaction. We manufacture the best parts possible, delivered on time, and focused solely on meeting our customer’s needs.

But, it is our people who make this possible. It’s our people who make our customers happy. And, it’s our people who make API a great place to work.

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