Thermoforming and Injection Molding Custom Plastics

delivering the highest quality pressure formed plastics


In its three basic techniques – vacuum forming, pressure forming and twin-sheet forming – thermoforming offers many advantages in the development of a custom plastic product.

Injection Molding

Noted for incredibly high precision and repeatability, injection molding is often the logical step for a product that has outgrown thermoforming’s efficiencies and capabilities.

CNC & Robotic Trimming

State-of the-art CNC Robotic trimming equipment enables the custom plastic trimming process to deliver extremely accurate part dimensions within a high-speed production system.


Manufacturers often require custom thermoformed and injection molded plastic parts for finished deliverables. Advanced Plastiform, Inc of North Carolina offers custom plastics innovation with cutting edge technology and managed inventory. As an industry leader, API produces highly engineered custom plastic parts designed to your specifications. The expert engineers on staff are ready to assist you from concept to delivery. Advanced Plastiform, Inc offers high-quality custom plastic parts for the following industries:


There are a variety of different materials used to manufacture custom plastic parts. Each material offers a range of different properties making some materials a better solution depending on the custom plastic part. With Advanced Plastiform, Inc, a custom designed part can be developed, prototyped and produced in as little as six weeks for some projects. API's engineers deliver concept to reality projects on a regular basis. Whatever level of assistance you may need, API is ready to help manufacture your custom plastic part from the following materials:

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We measure our success by the satisfaction of our customers. Each morning we hold an in-depth meeting that is driven by your needs, not our manufacturing needs.


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During the meeting, we compare our current production schedule to your required shipping schedules, and adjust production to match.


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Repeat orders and continued success are valued highly at API. We strive to help you reach your goals, so that we can meet ours.

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