Custom Plastic 3D Modeling and CAD DrawingsComputer Generated Custom PlasticsĀ Modeling

There are many limitations to conveying the readiness of a project through mere words or generic 1-dimensional photos. 3-D representations of products help to eliminate uncertainty in you, the client, as to whether it is ready for a physical prototype. Computer-generated models of a thermoformed project allow you to see every detail of what the final output will be. This process rules out doubt and replaces it with the scientific ruling of seeing the finished product.

CAD, which stands for computer-aided design and drafting, is used for the documentation of design and technology. It allows Advanced Plastiform, Inc to use and construct better design ideas, visualize concepts and test how a design would work once in its finished form.

The Benefits of Computer Modeling

A computer-generated model allows the engineer to analyze and review the design before it is physically created. Computer modeling is a time efficient way of getting ahead of any changes or defaults. Our engineers will be able to address problems or changes before any time and money is wasted. Computer modeling results in shorter creation time and saves in production costs.

Using 3-D modeling molds for thermoformed packaging can be made faster and with higher quality. This, in turn, leads to lower overall engineering costs and the product finished, not only quicker but more effectively. 3-dimensional models allow the client to access the product visually from all sides and angles. This assures the client of the quality, giving them better bases on whether they approve of the product or would like modifications.

What We Do

For your project, our engineers will aid in the development of a computer-generated 3D model of your final product. Through this implementation of computer technology, our engineers can help your staff with physical design, while at the same time providing input on material specifications, material thickness, draft angles and draw ratios.

Incorporating our knowledge of thermoforming properties into your 3D software models speeds up the entire development process by working through issues early in the process, prior to tooling and prototyping.

Once completed and approved, Advanced Plastiform’s production engineers will use the approved 3D computer models to do much of the programming required on our CNC trimming equipment. Going straight from the computer model to production machine coding offers unsurpassed accuracy in final trimmed products.

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If you are in the market for a custom plastics manufacturer offering computer generated modeling of your product, contact Advanced Plastiform. Their team of highly skilled engineers is on staff to help assist you from concept to delivery.


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