API is Customer Driven

At Advanced Plastiform, Inc, we measure our success by our customers’ satisfaction — it’s just that simple. While many plastics manufacturing or thermoforming companies are focused on their profit margins, we focus on your experience as our customer. Our goal is not just to ensure that your experience is acceptable, but that we are able to manage your project efficiently, affordably, and with the highest quality.

Customer-Focused Process

When you focus on what’s best for your customer, your company structure and process becomes focused on ensuring that the product is produced well and that every interaction you have with API is pleasant. That’s why we start each day with holding an in-depth deliverables schedule meeting to ensure that your needs are being met with that day’s work, not our manufacturing needs. During the meeting, we compare our current production schedule to your required shipping schedules and adjust production to match, making certain that your product is completed and delivered on time.

When you bring your project to API, our entire staff is involved from the beginning. First, your project is reviewed in order to ensure that the purchasing, engineering, quality, production, sales, and customer service departments are all knowledgeable about the needs and parameters of your project at the start of the development cycle. This allows each member of our staff to work through any issues in their area of expertise prior to production, eliminating last-minute roadblocks that can take a project off target and off budget.

We want every interaction that you have with us to feel personable and that you’re receiving the best customer service. That’s why when you call API, a live member of our staff answers, and often it’s one of our owners. This allows us to direct your call to the right person as quickly as possible — every call is different and we don’t want our customers to feel left out in the cold by an automated phone system or an offsite answering service.

Customer-Focused Thinking

At API, we appreciate our customers and strive to make every part of our business better for them. To this end, API is constantly working on the cutting edge of the plastics manufacturing industry. We invest in the latest technologies and the most innovative processes all the time in order to create the best product quickly and effectively. We continue to develop value-added processes to our abilities, all with the goal of producing better parts for our customers. In focusing on our client’s success, we make ourselves into a better company overall, not just for our customers but for our employees and our community.

95.3% - On-time Delivery

API’s ISO certification requires us to maintain an on-time delivery metric of 95%. On-time is defined as delivered to your facility on the date you require the product to be there, not early or late.

463 -  Quality PPM

Quality performance is commonly measured in defective parts-per-million parts produced. Many of our customers consider a PPM of 800 or fewer to be acceptable. Because API always seeks to provide the best quality products, we aim for a lower defective PPM than the industry standard. At API, no defective part is acceptable, and we strive daily to achieve as close to perfection as we can.

99.2% - Repeat Order Rate

Repeat customer orders are a great measure of past performance and quality. If we didn’t meet your expectations, we wouldn’t expect you to order from us again in the future. Over the past 10 years, API is proud to have achieved a re-order ratio that proves our dedication to our customers.

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