Inventory Management for Custom Plastics

Streamlined solutions for inventory management, ensuring on-time delivery and consistent quality, backed by a trusted reputation for success.

As part of our dedication to providing quality customer service to our customers, we go far beyond plastics manufacturing to provide a variety of value added services. One of our most sought-after services is our inventory management solutions that allow our customers to reduce their warehousing space, minimize paperwork, and get the custom plastics they need when they need them.

An Experienced Plastics Logistics Team

Inventory Management for Thermoformed & Injection Molded Products

Led by our materials planner, who has over 25 years of inventory management experience, our logistics area offers highly accurate forecasting, planning, and scheduling. We will work with you to create a data system that ensures your inventory requirements are always met by incorporating your recurring orders and fulfillment into our materials planning and production scheduling. This controlled system ensures your custom plastics are ready exactly when you need them.

Modern Supply Chain and Inventory Management Solutions

With three modern facilities that are custom designed for both manufacturing and inventory management, we are able to warehouse your products for when you need them, reducing your storage needs. More important than warehousing, we leverage the latest technology to improve the effectiveness of our processes and create efficient solutions that reduce cost. Our inventory management services include:


Kanban is a workflow management and scheduling system that eliminates bottlenecks in the plastics manufacturing process to ensure optimal speed and output. Designed originally for Toyota manufacturing in the 1940s, Kanban systems use Agile and Lean management to prevent product shortages and overstock while avoiding supply disruption at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Kanban fits into your data system to make sure your plastics are always available to satisfy your customers’ demands.

Vendor Managed Inventory

We will work with you to align your business objectives to your supply chain to improve your inventory turnaround. We offer a streamlined approach to order fulfillment by taking a comprehensive look at your inventory data, consumer needs, and trends in production. With our assistance, you can reduce dramatic swings in your inventory and minimize issues related to being out of stock or having product overstock.


Our drop shipping capabilities allow you to reduce extra steps in your supply chain. Rather than having to receive product from our plastics manufacturing facility, add it to your inventory, store it, and ship it when needed, we help you eliminate those steps. By shipping your assembled and finished plastics directly from our facility to your customers, you can save labor, time, and delivery costs!

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We believe in going beyond custom plastics manufacturing and acting as a partner with our customers to help you reach your business goals. That’s why, on top of ensuring we are creating high-quality, durable plastics, they are made at a low per-unit price with a fast lead time. These factors, combined with our value-added services allow you to focus your productivity and maximize your profits without sacrificing quality products.

To learn more about our inventory management solutions or to get a quote for services, reach out to us today! Our Zebulon, North Carolina headquarters gives us a central location to deliver to seven states, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia.

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