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Custom molded plastics for material handling

Let Advanced Plastiforms, Inc. help you lower the costs and improve the efficiency of your logistics system with our customized thermoforming manufacturing for material handling components. We work with companies across the eastern United States to create the durable plastics used to store, protect, and transport materials through warehouses, distribution centers, and across large commercial facilities with ease. Because we understand the vital role material handling plays in the smooth running of your business, our designers, engineers, and manufacturing team ensure that every component we make, from simple trays to large shelves, is made with the precision, accuracy, and quality you need.

Innovative Materials

Every component we manufacture is designed to be tough and sturdy without hindering speed. That’s why we only work with high-end materials, including high molecular weight polyethylene, or HMWPE. HMWPE is the most commonly used plastic in heavy gauge thermoforming as it offers the strength and durability of polyethylene with the friction-reducing properties of silicone. The result is a heavy-duty, long-lasting plastic component that is self-lubricating so it slides down chutes and across conveyors with ease while being resistant to abrasion, impacts, and damage.

Customized Material Handling Thermoforming

Thermoforming is commonly used in material handling manufacturing because it combines the low cost of production with a highly accurate design. It works by heating a large, single sheet of plastic to the point where it is flexible, then it is shaped around a specially designed tool. To ensure the most accurate shape and fit, we use one of three forming methods.

Vacuum forming:  Any air trapped between the plastic and the tool is suctioned out, creating a sure fit. This is the fastest and most cost-effective method of thermoforming, and works best on large sheets of plastic that don’t have sharp corners or angles or require a highly detailed design. Trays, vehicle dashboards, and lids for storage totes can be vacuum formed.

Pressure forming: Perfect for high levels of detail, sharp corners, and crisp lines, pressure forming combines a vacuum method of removing interior air between the plastic and the tool while striking the exterior with a blast of highly pressurized air. This forces the plastic more tightly against the mold and creates a sharper design. This method works well for square pieces like storage totes.

Twin-sheet forming: For this highly complex method of thermoforming, two adjacent sheets of plastic are heated simultaneously and fused together around a tool with total precision to ensure accurate alignment. Twin-sheet thermoforming make is possible to create thin, hollow pieces without sacrificing strength and rigidity. This method is often used to form chutes or drums.

Commonly thermoformed material handling components include:

  • Trays
  • Storage containers
  • Transport chutes
  • Storage cylinders and drums
  • Large equipment panels
  • Components used for conveyor belts
  • Shelving
Thermoforming Manufacturing

Benefits of Thermoforming Manufacturing

Time: Our thermoforming process is specifically set up to provide a fast turnaround time from order to delivery. We use cutting-edge, high-speed digital forming machines along with both rotary and shuttle operated equipment to provide us with more flexible scheduling options to minimize order lead times. Plus, our engineers are designing 3D aluminum molds at the same time our manufacturing team is creating the plastic sheets, so we can begin order fulfillment as quickly as possible. From creating the design to shipping the completed components for delivery typically only requires a 14-week turnaround time.

Cost: Because of the low molding pressures and the cost-effectiveness of materials, we use aluminum to form our tools, which is both strong and inexpensive. This keeps tooling costs low for both large and small components and reduces the overall cost of production, especially in orders requiring small quantities.

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If you are seeking high-quality, durable plastic components and supplies for material handling, reach out to Advanced Plastiform, Inc. Our experienced team of designers, engineers, and manufacturers are available to help you create the exact pieces you need to improve operations and reduce your logistics cost. We proudly serve seven states, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia.

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