Custom Plastic Trimming

Precision meets efficiency in plastic part finishing with CNC robotic trimming, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and on-time delivery for superior results.

5 axis CNC plastic trimming

Thermoforming plastics requires using large sheets of plastic to fit around a custom-designed tool to create a shape that meets our clients’ exact needs and specifications. However, once the plastic is molded and shaped after thermoforming, it’s not ready to use just yet. In many cases, holes, windows, and other spaces need to be cut out of the shape, while any excess plastic that is not part of the design still has to be trimmed away.

Because accuracy, precision, and consistency are essential in custom plastics manufacturing, we don’t rely on human skill to do the trimming. Instead, we employ CNC trimming equipment to ensure that not only the outline is trimmed perfectly, but any hole placements, trim angles, or  window openings within the form are accurately and consistently cut.

CNC Trimming for Thermoformed Plastics

Computer numerical control, or CNC machinery allows us to use pre-programmed computer software to direct the movements of the machine. With CNC trimming, this means we program the machine to route and trim your plastic products in fine detail and within very specific tolerances. To maintain the specifications determined during the design and prototyping phase, we use the 3D modeling and CAD software to program the machine with the final 3D CAD drawings.

We utilize 5-axis CNC trimming equipment which is considered to be the best CNC robotic trimming equipment available. With five rotational axes, it offers multidimensional rotation and tool movement through the use of a routing bit mounted at the tip of a high-speed, articulating spindle. This is often the technology utilized in aerospace products and medical prosthetics due to the clean edges, precision and speed it provides, which is why we provide it for our customers.

Using CNC and Robotic Trimming for Custom Plastic

Robotic trimming requires high attention to detail from our CNC engineering team to ensure the final product meets the approved specifications. They plan the process and ensure accurate coding is entered into the CNC equipment.  After the thermoforming process is complete, we vacuum clamp the newly formed plastic to a router fixture that was cast from the thermoforming tool. In some cases, to meet the most stringent requirements, these fixtures are CNC machined for the highest geometric precision.

Once it’s affixed with vacuum clamps, our team of CNC engineers oversee the trimming process to ensure accuracy and efficiency, while determining if any in-process adjustments are implemented.  In the event any adjustments need to be made, our engineers can do them quickly through our advanced ECO management system so lead times aren’t affected.

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Advanced Plastiform, Inc. are leaders in the injection molding and thermoforming industry because our attention to detail doesn’t stop once the plastic is shaped. We prioritize every step of the manufacturing process from design to delivery while investing in innovative, high-end manufacturing equipment and machines to provide the best quality plastics.

CNC trimming is just one of the many value-added processes we use to ensure the quality of our product and our performance. We’re pleased to provide our custom plastic manufacturing services to businesses in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia, and Virginia.

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