5 axis CNC plastic trimming5-Axis Custom Plastic Trimming Equipment

Almost every thermoformed part needs to be trimmed after the forming process is complete. Many of our customers have exacting requirements for hole placements, trim angles and window openings. Using our 5-axis CNC Robotic trimming equipment, we are able to deliver extremely accurate part dimensions within a high speed production system.

Our CNC equipment features the latest hardware and software technology, designed to take full advantage of advances in 3D modeling and drawing software systems, such as SolidWorks.

In many cases, we program our robotic trimmers directly from the final customer 3D CAD drawings, to achieve the highest possible adherence to your final specifications.

Typically, parts to be trimmed on our CNC equipment are vacuum clamped onto a router fixture that is cast from a molding. In some cases, to meet the most stringent requirements, these fixtures are CNC machined for the highest geometric precision.

Our CNC engineers have decades of experience which keeps our equipment running at full production speeds, yet maintains the quality requirements of each job.

In-process adjustments are easily implemented, and engineering change requirements are delivered quickly through our advanced ECO management system.

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