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Thermoforming is an advanced technique in which plastic is molded in order to make various tools and appliances ranging in size and structure. The thermoforming process continues to grow, constantly adding to the arsenal of applications of which it can be used. There are numerous uses for heavy gauge thermoforming.

The growing need for artistic and aesthetically pleasing designs built into tools and car parts today calls for the precision and technique that comes with the thermoforming process.

Injection Molding - Defined

Injection Molding South Carolina

Injection molding is a thermoforming process where the plastic material is introduced to high pressure. This allows for the plastic sheet to wrap around the mold firmly. Injection molding produces a tight-fitting mold then creates a suitable surface for detailed and definite designs to be added. This molding process also has an advantage when it comes to creating the more difficult and advanced parts of Thermoforming.

Projects dealing with large quantities and several unit requirements benefit from the Injection molding process because of lower per unit costs when compared to other methods. Even with its high tooling costs, the Injection method makes up for it with the savings made by the cost-effective units.

Almost every process comes with its limitations, but those are easily worked around. When handled by experts, such as the engineers at Advanced Plastiform, and used for the right projects, which we can consult, injection molding can be just as effective as the other methods of thermoforming.

Vacuum Forming Plastic for South Carolina Companies

Vacuum Forming is one of the simpler methods to thermoforming which excels in the molding of transparent material such as acrylic. This process allows for plastic sheets to be heated to a temperature that makes them flexible but also durable. Flexible enough to be molded but durable enough to not be damaged when the vacuum removes the air between the heated plastic and the mold.

Vacuum forming has been proven to provide quick product development. Another benefit that comes with this process is that it makes it easier to mold larger plastic equipment.

The transparent materials used in vacuum forming are beneficial for replacing complex materials like fiberglass. In addition, this thermoforming process is a great method for recyclable material and creating various patterns.

Twin-Sheet Forming

Twin-Sheet thermoforming gets its name from the fact that it takes dueling sides of the product and molds them together to create a whole. Being one of the more advanced thermoforming systems, twin-sheet forming allows for complex materials to be made. Since this process is able to control both sides of the mold separately, hollow structures can be formed. Twin forming allows for more fluidity of what can be molded. This creates space for a more versatile spectrum of shapes that can be constructed, such as durable equipment with vacant centers.

Twin-Sheet thermoforming excels when it comes to creating opposite sides of a structure. Thermoformed products that are made using twin forming are foam-filled products, air ducts, and equipment with dual textures and colors.

Pressure Forming Plastics for SC Manufacturers

Pressure Forming is the process of molding plastic sheet material into detailed shapes and structures. This thermoforming process is known for delivering tight detail, custom colors, and smooth textures. Pressure formed products are able to stand up and even exceed the aesthetic detail of other thermoforming processes. In addition, pressure forming also excels in creating recreational and medical equipment.

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