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Defining the Shape of Your Product

Great products require robust, accurate and effective final production tooling. Our design group will work directly with you during product development to help refine your product into a final form that will work effectively in the thermoforming process. Advanced Plastiform, Inc uses aluminum tooling cast from 3D models to ensure accuracy in the final product. Our experience shows that aluminum produces the most accurate final products, capable of production in our high-speed equipment.

Working with your 2D or 3D CAD designs, API can often combine several individual parts into a single mold which will reduce your final tooling costs and improve production times.

In most product development projects, API will produce a prototype (or throw away) tooling in-house, in order to produce a few parts for evaluation purposes. These single-use type tools are an effective way to test your parts before committing to the final, aluminum production tool costs.

After the prototypes are approved, API's engineers will create a casting pattern directly from your approved prototypes to ensure that the final aluminum casting is accurate to any CAD/3D approved models.

Advanced Plastiform, Inc partners with an industry leading aluminum casting company to produce all of our final toolings. As a result, customers experience a very fast delivery on the entire tooling process.  Contact API for your custom plastic part solutions.

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