In order to produce top quality thermoformed or injection molded products, you have to continuously seek out the best equipment, the best processes, and continue to develop and improve your processes. At API, we’re always striving to innovate new and exciting solutions for our customers’ projects and invest in the latest equipment and technology to stay at the cutting edge of the plastics manufacturing industry. This is all in the effort to supply our customers with the very best in thermoforming and injection molding.

The Customer-Driven Approach

At Advanced Plastiform, Inc. we measure our success in customer satisfaction. That’s why our process for manufacturing custom plastic products is built around adding value to your product. It’s why we go beyond simply producing a great custom piece of plastic for your business – our intent is to help make the entire process easy for you and your company. That’s why we manage the entire process from product design and development through delivery and inventory management.

Plastics Engineering

Our plastics engineers will work with you to design and create a high-quality part and product. Empowered by our commitment to work affordably, efficiently, and on schedule, our engineering team is here to help your project succeed. Discover more about our plastics engineering process for your custom plastic component here.

3D Modeling and CAD Drawings

Ensure that your final product is finished and executed exactly to specifications. Our engineers will computer generate a model that will be analyzed and reviewed before a prototype is created, ensuring that your custom plastics deliverable is exactly what your company needs. Learn more about how API’s 3d modeling and cad drawings can benefit your end product here.

Tooling Design

In order for your product to be finished, it needs to be properly tooled before it’s delivered to you. Utilizing 3D modeled aluminum tools, your final product will receive production tooling design to ensure accuracy.

Product Prototyping

Before mass production begins, creating a prototype of the finished product is crucial to the success of your project. This ensures that the resulting pieces will be to your specifications and that no time, money, or materials are wasted.  Learn more about how product prototyping makes for a better-engineered final custom plastic component here. 

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Regardless if you’re looking for injection molding or thermoforming services, ensure that you call Advanced Plastiform, Inc. first. Serving North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, we’re here to help you find the right solution for your custom plastics product.

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