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Are you looking for plastic injection molding services convenient to Tennessee? If so, look no farther than Advanced Plastiform, Inc. We take the quality of our work and our products very seriously, and we’ve spent decades in the custom plastics industry perfecting our skills and knowledge in order to bring our clients the best quality possible.

We specialize in both thermoforming and injection molding, and we use the expertise in both specialties to find the best solutions for your problem. Your project that starts as injection molding might work better and cost less as a thermoforming project and vice versa, and we always recommend the best process that will ensure the quality of the project, a timely delivery, and as low a cost as possible.

We invest in the newest processes and state-of-the-art equipment so that we can stay ahead of the curve and provide you with the very best, having injection presses from 100 tons to 530 tons. For this reason, API is a full-service company – we manage the whole project from beginning to end with design and conception services to manufacturing and delivery.

Injection Molding Services in Tennessee

When it comes to Tennessee injection molding, it’s often rejected as a viable method for custom plastics product due to the often high up-front costs. Injection molding requires long lead times for the first run of a product as a prototype needs to be designed, then a special injection tool needs to be created for the product, all parts of the process approved, and only then can the first run of the project start.

However, once the original lead time processes have been completed, they never need to be completed again – the mold, injection tool, and process has been finalized and created already. This is why injection molding is so effective for high volume projects as the low cost per unit means that over several moldings the upfront costs will pay for themselves.

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Injection Molding Company TennesseeNo matter why kind of custom plastic products you’re in the market for, Advanced Plastiform, Inc. is here for you! With its central proximity to the Southeastern US, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, our North Carolina facilities are uniquely positioned to best serve your Tennessee company needs. Contact us today to get your project started by calling 919-404-2080 or filling out our form below.

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