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Creating Custom Plastics with Injection Molding for Georgia Industries

Since 1988, Advanced Plastiform, Inc. has manufactured custom plastic products and parts for businesses in a variety of industries including automotive, medical, and telecommunications. We take pride in ensuring fast lead times, low per-unit pricing, and most of all, an accurate, high-quality product our clients can depend on.

To achieve our goals, we specialize in both thermoforming and injection molding at our 250,000 square foot manufacturing hub in North Carolina. Not only do we implement the latest processes and use innovative technology and equipment, we have an experienced team of engineers and designers who are able to sit down with our customers and make sure we are producing the perfect solutions for your projects. With these advantages, we are able to stay ahead of the competition and maintain our dedication to customer service. Our efficient practices and large facilities allow our injection molding company to serve all of Georgia, as well as much of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Our Injection Molding Process

Injection molding is a manufacturing process where thermoplastic pellets are heated to their melting point. The liquid is then forced into a custom-designed, double-sided tool using a high-pressure injector. Once the plastic has cooled and hardened back into a solid state, the piece is ejected, and our manufacturing team then adds customization, such as paint or silk screening.

Our injection molding company has a production area that includes presses ranging between 100 tons to 530 tons. We also have a variety of high-quality thermoplastic materials, including ABS, High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, and Polypropylene, many of which are available in a full range of colors and customization options. This gives us the ability to create the exact custom plastics our customers need.

Injection molding is most often used to manufacture smaller pieces like knobs and dials, but tooling can also be created to mold plastic components that need complex features, like varying thicknesses and intricate designs. It’s also an efficient way to produce a large quantity of parts or fill ongoing orders while ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Choosing Injection Molding for Your Plastic Components

When we discuss plastic manufacturing options with our clients, some are hesitant to choose injection molding due to the higher up-front cost and longer lead time compared to thermoforming. The prototyping process and injection tool creation must be completed before the production begins, and due to the need for a double-sided design, injection molding will automatically cost more and take longer to create than the single-sided tooling used in thermoforming. Because of the extreme high pressure injection, tooling must be made from a much harder material, such as steel, aluminum, or a beryllium-copper alloy. These materials are more expensive than the lighter aluminum used in thermoforming.

After the initial processes have been completed, our customers see that the return on investment can more than offset the upfront cost and lead time, especially for high-volume projects and repeat orders. Once designed, tooling can be used as often as needed and continued runs of the final product are quick and inexpensive. For high volume projects or on-going order fulfillment, using injection molding for your plastics can actually offer a very low per-unit price and repeat orders will often have a much faster lead time.

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