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medical-injection-molding At Advanced Plastiform, Inc., we work with medical suppliers and medical parts manufacturers across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states, creating durable, safe, custom plastics needed for their equipment, packaging, and supplies. Our experienced team of engineers, designers, and manufacturing technicians work together to ensure that every piece we create through medical injection molding is accurate to the design and consistent through the order.

Why Choose Medical Injection Molding for Your Products

While medical thermoforming can be a lower cost, efficient way to manufacturer large plastic pieces, like trays and containers, it’s not ideal in all situations. For the smaller medical supplies or pieces that require more precise detailing or varied thickness, we use injection molding to ensure the highest quality and accuracy to design.

Injection molding is a method of heating plastic pellets to a liquid state and using a high-pressure injection tool to force the liquid plastic into a 3D mold. The result is a highly detailed product that maintains uniformity no matter how large the order is, making this an optimal method of production for smaller, more intricate items.

Products Made Through Medical Injection Molding:

  • Surgical equipment components
  • Disposable tools
  • Connectors and clamps for tubing
  • Prosthetics
  • Dental equipment

Benefits of Medical Injection Molding

While the lead time is slightly longer, often ranging from 16 to 20 weeks, injection molding is beneficial for keeping the costs of a large order low and creating more precise medical components.

  • Cost: For large initial orders or ongoing orders, injection molding is more cost-effective than thermoforming. Much of the cost of injection molding lies in designing and developing the tool and mold because they are made of steel and , but those are one-time costs that won’t need to be repeated.
  • Precision: Medical injection molding makes it easier to create highly intricate, detailed pieces and recreate it identically thousands of times over. This method allows us to manufacture items with varied thickness or create patterns as needed in a highly efficient manner.

Why Choose Advanced Plastiform, Inc.?

Since 1988, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing high quality plastics and excellent service to our customers in the medical industry. We believe in doing more than fulfilling an order, we provide comprehensive, start-to-finish service acting as your partners in production every step of the way.

This includes connecting you with our experienced plastics engineering team to help you design with 3D modeling and CAD Drawings. We create a prototype of the finished product, often using 3D printing to ensure a precise, highly accurate model. Once you’re satisfied with the prototype, we use it to fabricate the tooling and move on to mass manufacturing.

In addition to design and manufacturing, we also offer several value-added services to help save you time, minimize storage costs, and cut your costs, such as inventory management and product assembly.

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At Advanced Plastiform, Inc., we take pride in being a leading manufacturer of custom medical plastics that can be relied on for safety, quality, and to meet all regulations.  We proudly serve seven states, including North CarolinaSouth CarolinaPennsylvaniaMarylandTennesseeGeorgia, and Virginia.

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