Why Choose a Turnkey Plastics Manufacturing Company

When you need custom plastic parts or plastic products, you want a company that will produce high-quality, durable pieces that are accurate to the design and consistent throughout. However, you also want to reduce your overall costs, minimize downtime, and increase efficiency for your company. Our thermoforming company is sharing why you should choose a turnkey manufacturing company and the benefits you can expect.

What Is Turnkey Manufacturing?

The term"turnkey" originates from real estate when a new or newly remodeled home didn't need any updates, fixing, or repairs before moving in — just turn the key and move in. However, the term has moved into wider usage and refers to a product or service in which everything, from design to installation or assembly is completed in advance of the user receiving it, thus the product or service is ready for use.

Turnkey manufacturing is the process in which a single company takes on all aspects and phases of a project, from start to finish.

Examples of Turnkey Plastics Manufacturing Services

  • Vacuum-forming-companyPlastic engineering, including the design process, choosing the right material, and any customization needs to get the final result that meets the customers' needs.
  • Creating a model and developing a prototype of the finished piece to ensure it aligns with what the customer needs and can be used to create an accurate mold.
  • Product assembly after the plastic parts or components are produced.
  • Inventory management and drop shipping minimizes additional steps in your supply chain and reduces your storage costs.

The Benefits of Turnkey Manufacturing for Your Company

Now that you have a better idea of what turnkey manufacturing is, let's look at the benefits it offers.

Improved Communications

When you're working with multiple companies for designing, prototyping, inventory fulfillment, and other steps of the manufacturing process, you can end up working with multiple companies. One change in the design requires touching base with everyone you work with and a single miscommunication can be disastrous to your timeline and your budget.

Instead of going from designer to manufacturer to the shipping company, you're communicating with one company as your point of contact. One email or a single phone call, and your turnkey manufacturer has the information they need.

Reduced Costs

When you're working with one company from start to finish, a turnkey manufacturer will often offer a bundled price for their value-added services, whereas working with individual companies for each step in the design, manufacturing, assembly, and supply chain process means individual fees for each.

Also, by reducing the amount of work that occurs in your company, such as assembly, you can reduce your payroll and payroll taxes, thus keeping costs low for your company.

Save Time

When design, manufacturing, and other production factors are all at different locations or in different hands, you're working on several timelines, and there are most likely going to be delays along the way. With one company, you'll have better insight into the project timeline and have a more accurate lead time.

Quality Control

When you're working with a reputable plastics manufacturer who is taking on every aspect of your product management, you'll see a much higher level of quality in your final results because there will be quality control checks at every step in the process.

When you're working with multiple companies, they may not have the insight into each aspect of the process to provide the needed quality control, thus accuracy, consistency, and other necessities may get missed.

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