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As part of our commitment to total customer satisfaction, we have added a variety of services to our offering as customer needs grow and change. After develop, form and CNC trim a part for the customer, we are often asked to perform additional manufacturing processes to produce a final part that is ready for the customer’s production line at the most cost-effective state.


Working with close partners in the manufacturing sector, we often contract the fabrication of metal parts to enhance the performance of our custom molded plastic parts. We combine the two in-house, shipping our customers a finished assembly, ready to be installed.


From adhesion to screwing parts together, to affixing hook/loop type closures, we can add a wide variety of accessories to formed and trimmed parts, inline, affordable and with the absolute minimal impact on production lead times.


Prior to final packaging, we are able to move multiple parts through our system and bring them together for final packaging as a set. Many customers use this service to build out service parts packages and optional accessory packages to aid in the installation of their aftermarket dealership service departments.


When the smallest custom color requirements are necessary, we are able to paint individual parts efficiently and quickly to meet your custom needs.

Labeling and Marking

Often, regulatory requirements demand specific item labels be placed on parts, sometimes based on final destination. From industry to industry, we have the systems to incorporate your custom labels into our production systems, or we can create custom labels to meet your requirements. During the final manufacturing and packaging process, we can label parts to meet your needs, eliminating confusion in your facility once parts arrive.

Custom Packaging

As a custom plastic parts manufacturer, API is able to construct packaging to meet your warehousing requirements, so that finished goods fit into your logistics systems efficiently. We use returnable packaging for many customers and built custom boxes and crates to meet the needs of others. Whatever requirements you have, we can package your custom parts to your specifications.

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