Choosing the Right Injection Molding Company

Tips for Finding the Best Injection Molding Company for Your Business

If you use injection molded components in your company, and you rely on an injection molding company to design, produce and ship custom plastics, the success of your business is in their hands. Missed deadlines, poor quality materials, or inaccuracy and inconsistency among the finished products can be devastating for your company, setting you back time and money, but how do you know what to look for to avoid pitfalls and find the right company. To help you find the right option, we're sharing some tips to give you the upper hand when finding a partner in plastics manufacturing.

Production Volume and Capacity

Knowing your volume needs and size requirements will help you narrow down your options of choosing a company. For example, if you typically only need small volume orders fulfilled (under 10,000 units), focus specifically on finding an injection molding company who specializes in low volume.

Similarly, if you have a large order of over 700,000 components or have a large order of several types of components that all need to be ready at once, you'll have better luck from a company that offers high-volume injection molding manufacturing. They'll have the team, equipment, and capacity to handle your order rather than your company being the "experiment" for a smaller volume company who may be ready to scale.

Start-to-Finish Services

When you can work with one team from the design process through finishing, the process is both time-efficient and cost-effective. More importantly, the potential for mistakes is significantly reduced because you're working with the same people from start to finish. If you can work with a team who can sit down with you during the design process and understand your goals and are with you through prototyping, tooling design, production, and finishing, you're going to be get the results you need. The communication is stronger when you're working with one team, and you have more opportunities to share feedback.

At Advanced Plastiform, we take pride in offering one-stop injection molding manufacturing. We will help you through design and prototyping, product manufacturing, and even have value-added services to save you time and increase your profits.

Realistic Timelines

The lead times for injection molding vary depending on the project and volume needed, though at Advanced Plastiform, it typically takes up to 20 weeks from day one design to delivery, depending on the tooling required. When you sit down with a prospective manufacturer, getting a realistic timeline is essential. Look at their quote and see if they have built in time for any delays, what kind of shipping timeline they have in place, and how much time they have set aside for tooling design.

Comprehensive Understanding of Product Application

An injection molding company should be able to provide you with expert guidance in choosing the right materials for the components you need. Because thermoplastic materials vary in strength, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and other qualities, having someone who understands the requirements of the component and can match it with the proper materials is key to getting the results you need and sticking within your budget.

Working with Specification Requirements

When you're looking for a good plastic injection molding company, they should have the knowledge and experience to get the specifications you need. While there are times when some adjustments may be necessary, an experienced team will be able to make recommendations that will lead to a better finished product rather than you having to compromise on the details.

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