North Carolina Injection Molding Advanced Plastiform, Inc. is vastly knowledgeable and experienced in injection molding and strives to provide the highest quality custom plastic products to their customers. API specializes in both injection molding and thermoforming, and we help our customers choose the best process for their needs. Whether your project requires injection molding or thermoforming, we ensure quality products, timely delivery, and low costs.

API is a full-service company that provides custom plastic operations with the newest equipment and technology. We have injection presses from 100 tons to 530 tons, resulting in a one-stop shop approach for customers seeking custom plastic products. From design and concept to manufacturing and shipping, the entire process is effectively managed and customized to properly ensure the project objectives are met.

North Carolina Injection Molding Processes

Injection molding is a thermoforming process in which thermoplastic pellets are heated until they reach a liquid state and injected into a mold using high pressure. The parts are then ejected from the mold after they cool and are able to be painted or silkscreened.

The main drawback to injection molding is the high cost of tooling and the large upfront costs. The prototype must be designed, the injection tool created, and an approved prototype created before any sort of mass production can begin. Due to the high pressures required during the molding process, the tooling must be a double-sided design, manufactured from steel, aluminum, or a beryllium-copper alloy.

However, injection molding offers very low per unit part costs, that when applied to high volume projects, can easily offset the high tooling costs and high upfront costs for a very low-cost project overall. Injection molding also allows for more advanced and aggressive part designs that can’t be achieved through thermoforming. API has the ability to deliver affordable tooling designs, offering our customers the best choice for their project in one design process.

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