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Whether you need 10 parts or 10,000, custom plastic parts are affordable. In terms of normal manufacturing beliefs, this may sound outlandish – small run production, affordable? How is it possible?

Utilizing thermoforming, small quantity manufacturing runs are possible for custom designed parts. Thermoforming also offers affordable tooling costs, further enhancing the value of custom plastic part manufacturing.

Through prototyping and product development, efficient, quality focused manufacturers can deliver finely detailed parts to your specifications without requiring large product commitments.  These abilities allow for much faster turn-around times, much shorter than the often perceived six months to a year that many online articles allude too. 

A custom designed part can be developed, prototyped and produced in as little as six weeks for some projects.  Most projects average 12 weeks, but that extra time includes multiple drawing revisions, prototypes and changes made during the product development process. What holds true is that the more attention you pay to your part design upfront, the better your final product will be. 

A great manufacturer will help you insure your parts are great. Working with a full featured quality manufacturer, you can expect design support; process knowledge that will help avoid common pitfalls; and engineering experience to maximize the quality and value of your final part.

Need proof? Please contact us. We’ll help you develop a design and production plan, show you our process and prove that custom is affordable.

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