4 Ways to Reduce Packaging Costs

Packaging is an essential part of manufacturing and selling goods, from blister packs for automotive parts to food containers. While the cost of packaging is built into the price of the goods, the packaging itself is a cost that gets minimal return on the investment, so any way you can reduce the price is going to benefit your company. Our plastics manufacturing company is sharing some simple ways to reduce packaging costs without risking the quality of your product so you can increase profits.

Streamline Your Packaging Options

The more varieties of packaging you need for your products, the more you'll be paying. Instead, reduce the variety of your packaging by using the same packages for different products. For example, if you sell shampoo, conditioner, and lotion, use the same bottle and cap for each one with updated labels. If you use clamshell packaging for baked goods, use the same package for all of the foods.

How does this help your business and your bottom line?

  • Typically, when you purchase in larger quantities, you can reduce your per-unit cost.
  • Minimize your packaging development costs. Instead of requiring different tooling or molds to shape your different packaging, you'll reduce your upfront costs of production.
  • Avoid running out of a specific type of packaging that only works for one type of product.
  • Increase brand awareness with a unique shape that covers the majority of your product line.

Our product designers and engineers can work with you to streamline your packaging costs by creating a more universal option for your product line.

Reduce the Size of Packaging

Reducing the size of your packaging minimizes costs in two main areas:

  1. Shipping - by reducing the size of the product, you can reduce weight and fit more into containers, lowering the costs to ship.
  2. Materials cost - Reduced packaging means less materials used in production.

It's important to note that while reducing packaging means making a smaller size, it could also mean making packaging that's thinner. For example, a heavy molded plastic blister pack that holds a toy action figure or toy car against a cardboard backer can often be made much thinner and more flexible without risking damage to the product itself.

An added benefit to reducing the size of packaging is an improvement in your company's sustainability. As more consumers look for companies who are reducing their carbon footprint and seeking out ways to minimize single-use plastics, this can be a way to stand out to a new audience.

Minimize Aesthetics in Your Plastic Packaging

While plastics made through thermoforming and injection molding are generally easy to customize with paint, silk-screening, and so many other options, consider what's necessary in your packaging. The more colors, designs, and other customizations there are, the higher the price of the packaging, in general.

This doesn't mean packaging should be plain or unattractive - we know how important it is to appeal to your customers. However, a more streamlined, minimal look can still align with your brand while reducing your costs.

Improve the Durability of Your Packaging

In some cases, smaller, slimmer plastic packaging isn't the answer. If your company has to write off products that got damaged either in transit, by pests or by environmental factors, you may need to consider a sturdier option. For example, cardboard or paper packaging can be chewed through, is not resistant to water, and it's easily damaged when not handled with care.

Instead of continuing to waste money replacing damaged goods, invest in higher quality plastic packaging, such as polypropylene or PVC that will ensure that nearly all your products will arrive at their destination ready to sell.

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